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Happy Birthday Audi!

Audi have been celebrating their 100th Birthday this year, and quite a celebration it has been too. As well as holding onto a number of titles, they have also been pushing out concept cars and dreaming ahead to the next 100 years in Audi’s future. In the present, however, Audi have one of their best ever ranges of cars, with enough to sports models and special editions to happily go around.

So, which is their best?

The temptation is to instantly name the ever popular R8, or even to go fancy at vote for the Audi R8 Sypder or delicious V10. I am going to resist, however, and choose something a little more off the wall that I think really deserves the recognition. That car is the RS 6 saloon, a  car that I think effortlessly combines the energy of the brand with a remarkably mature and sophisticated exterior.

If you were wanting an executive car that has a hidden surprise under the hood, then this is your car. Sure it has fancy exterior style touches, such as the oval tailpipes and the honeycomb grille, but unless you know what you are looking for this comes across simply as a smart and formal business saloon.

When you feel it drive, however, that all changes. This is one of only two RS models in the Audi range, and as such it is a sporty turbocharged beast of a car. To have that capability on top of an already speedy model is sublime, to say the least! It only takes 4.5 seconds to reach 62 mph, and once you have recovered from the exhilaration it only gets better, as the racing heritage and muscular design kick into action. It does, of course, have Dynamic Ride Control , so all that power is beautifully handled with various modes for the various environments you may find yourself in.

It is somewhat of a wallflower, the highly respected model that isn’t flash enough to get mentioned all the time – but the luxury and dreaminess of the RS 6 make this a clear contented for the best Audi on the market!

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