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It is fair to say that it hasn’t been a good month for Matech. Last month their founder, Martin Bartek, passed away unexpectedly at the tender age of just 44. This month, to add insult to injury, the Geneva based concepts company have had to declare bankruptcy – if the twitter murmurs are anything to go by.

Matech currently partners with Ford Racing to develop the Ford GT sports car for competition, and constructs the FIA GT1 and GT3 versions of the GT. GT Racing drive Bas Leinders tweeted earlier today that “Matech has filed for bankrupcy, we cannot get any new parts for our car at the moment, a struggle…” – it looks like unless they are careful, this years performance (and the least) could be severely marred by this development. He went on to say, understandably, that “We need to be very cautious and careful, if we want the GT1 World to continue this year and next, we can definitely use some help.”

Anyone fancy chipping in?

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Posted by admin   @   10 May 2011

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