Award Honours For The Volkswagen Polo | 2010 World Car Of The Year

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Who would have thought that an American award would ever give the prestigious title of 2010 World Car Of The Year to a tiny little pint-sized hatchback?! It seems that following the social media success of getting the Ford Fiesta into the nations subconscious, all the other compact cars have started rising high in the popularity stakes.

Volkswagen (VW) Polo

Volkswagen (VW) Polo

Of course, I happen to thinkthat the VW Polo more than deserves its position at the top of the podium. My boyfriend owns a 2004, and by association I do too! It is a great car – feisty and surprisingly powerful, and with enough room to fit four adults in comfortably. We bought a model with a few little dinks so as to save money – but even with them it is attractive, and our friends who recommended it to us insist that the Polo will last for years and years and years.

When if comes to small hatchbacks like the Volkswagen Polo, I feel they often get a bad rap – or at the least, overlooked in favour of more dramatic sporty cars. It completely deserves the award, in my humble opinion!

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