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Ah, the Daily Mail. For once in my life I am thankful to it for sharing a story with it. This article is as ridiculous as all the usual Daily Mail tripe, but this time it is on an automotive theme.

So, when you car loving loved one dies, what do you do? Crave a car into their headstone? Play driving songs at the funeral? Nope, you order a £50,000 Granite BMW M3. Of course. This life-size replica, amazing it its detail, sits above the spot on which he was buried, and is a fitting, if unexpected, tribute to a complete car fanatic, The only problem, of course, is what the neighbours will think about this, as it is rather… obvious…

Steve1 lifesize granite BMW M3 Grave Headstone

The Famous BMW M3 Headstone

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Posted by admin   @   10 May 2010

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    Wow! This article has cool information. :D.


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