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Car insurance – a dreaded ordeal for new car buyers, and something most of us get fed up searching for. There a multiple factors to consider when trying to insure your car, and some of which will drastically decrease your premium. The whole process of searching and comparing often leads us into a frenzy, coming out at the end of the process more confused than when it started! But there are a few simple elements that can make the whole process easier, and you can be assured that cheap car insurance does exist in the market today – it’s just a matter of looking in the right places!

1.       Firstly, learn to shop around. Make sure you compare all the deals on the market today and if you are buying a new car try to ask the dealer as they may know of great insurers.


2.       Buy online as this can save you a small fortune, as online insurers often harbour numerous discounts and it makes it easier to compare policies.


3.       Keep the insurer up to date with any changes to your address and vehicle. Any alterations to these may affect your premium and therefore lower costs all round.


4.       Consider getting a garage. It may seem like a big step to take but having somewhere secure to keep your vehicle will lower your premium drastically.


5.       Pay annually to save yourself a bundle; it is often true that paying in one bulk sum will save you premiums that go with paying monthly.


6.       Be security savvy. Install an immobiliser or an alarm and take out valuables even if you are insured. These actions will be beneficial when it comes to renewal time.


7.       Only look for policies that contain what you need, it is easy to get carried away with the added extras that really give you no benefit at all.


8.       Consider your annual mileage – if it is low then tell the insurer, as you can often be rewarded for travelling less miles per year.


There seems to be quite a bit to consider, but if you are looking for the best deal it is worth referring to these steps, as it appears that it is the little things that make a big difference when it comes to cheaper car insurance.

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4 Opinions

  • the world car fan

    cheap insurance is always have been a confusing thing. thank U for sharing.
    the world car fan´s last blog post ..Disney Pixar – Cars 2 trailer

  • Car Warranty

    A great article here. For my part I would like to emphasize poinbt one. Shopping around can save you an absolute fortune each year as many of the insurance companies out there want nothing more than to beat their competitors. Insurance, although a necessity is definately a buyers market.

  • Anti-theft Guy

    How hard is it to get car insurance these days? Much less a good deal on one. This is a great post!

  • Tari Ledsome

    Consider usage-based insurance. This is an insurance program that can lower your premiums because they are based on your actual driving behavior. A gauging device is installed in the car to record time, speed, distance, acceleration, and breaking rates. The device periodically transmits these data via cellular network. This is recommended for those who are vigilant drivers and those who do not drive that often.

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