Chevrolet Camaro Comes to UK | You Mean That I Can Now Own Bumblebee?!

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I just jumped for joy. Literally. I may have squealed a little bit too. You see, one of my favourite cars is coming across the ocean from the US to be happily sold on British soil, meaning that we won’t have to pay the extortionate costs for importing.

Now, normally I am not a Chevrolet fan. As with many American brands, their vintage cars were works of art, but their modern contributions to the industry have just been huge gas-guzzling blunderbusses.  However, as the old falling apart Bumblebee drove off into the tunnel in Transformers 1, it sparked the beginning of a whole new side to the American Automotive industry. The concept car that roared orgasmically back towards following the transformation (no pun intended) was one of the first Chevvy’s I have liked in a very long time indeed.

Now, the specifics. The Camaro comes with a massive 6.2 litre V8 engine, as befitting any American Muscle Car. However, unlike the 2012 Ford Mustang, I doubt this has anything close to any kind of fuel economy! However, petrolheads will find that the power and sheer attitude contained in the horepower and massive torque. This doesn’t disappoint!

Now, this won’t be in the UK until February 2011… which gives me about 8 months to save the asking price of £35,000. Easy!

1971 Chevrolet Chevvy Camaro


2010 Chevrolet Chevvy Camaro


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Posted by admin   @   1 July 2010

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3 Opinions

  • Drivers Scotland

    After years of waiting, we’re all getting something we’re loving from the States, good job Chevrolet!

  • Sean

    I can truly tell you as a Canadian, the Camaro is awesome, they really brought back the muscle car when they designed this. We actually build them here in Ontario, so we get to see them all over the road here. It’s a very nice car.

  • toton

    i love it…
    toton´s last blog post ..1957 BMW 507 Roadster

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