Citroen DS3 Streetseekers | Brand Launches Social Media Treasure Hunt

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I was contacted the other day about a rather fun sounding competition just released by Citroen. ‘DS3 StreetSeekers’ is an online treasure hunt on Facebook to promote the brands new DS3 supermini. The competition gives Internet users the chance to win one of three brand new DS3’s, all hosted through the branded Facebook page.

The New Citroen-DS3

The New Citroen-DS3

I like competitions like this. You have to participate, rather than just enter, and it gives you a little bit of entertainment for when the day gets boring. There is also the chance to win a car, which everyone is bound to like!

So, what do you have to do? Well, it is simple. Play the game on the facebook page, hunting for parts of the DS3 based on clues given by the game. It is that easy! I’m off to have a go now…

Anyway, the prizes are either XBox 360’s, or the car itself. That car is one of the first small hatchbacks from Citroen in recent years that has broken away from that bubble-car style mould. It actually looks closer to a Clio sport than a Citroen, and I am surprised to admit how sporty and energetic it looks. This could actually be a real market contender, from a brand who never before have really sought to challenge the dominance of brands such as Renault or Toyota. I quite like it, which is a strange feeling!

Anyway, why not go and enter yourself?

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  • Jon stead

    Hi just discovered your blog and really enjoyed reading it! Although mine isn’t mainly about cars I recently got a DS3 to trial and review! Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think! Cheers & again nice blog!

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