Dangerous Car Garages | Which? Reports Garages Missing Faults

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It is never good when you take your car for a service, only for something to break just the next week. However, it seems that this may be more of a common problem than previously thought, according to a new report by watchdog Which?.

According to Which?, 87% of firms surveyed in the companies trip around 67 garages failed to miss at least one of the faults with the car that had been brought it. Not particularly bad if these are little faults, but especially worrying considering that all of the faults were bad enough to have potentially caused a crash. In fact, according to the BBC report of the story:

Which? found 48% of garages failed spot brake fluid was at the minimum level; 68% did not inflate the nearly flat spare tyre; 57% missed a blown reversing light bulb, and the low pressure in the nearside rear tyre was missed by 21%

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but this seems worrying. If, as Which? like to argue, this is a snapshot of the industry, then we may have a lot to worry about, especially considering the dangers of driving a safe car, let alone a dodgy one.

Come on, garages in the UK! It is time to shape up!

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Posted by admin   @   31 August 2010

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6 Opinions

  • http://driveabc.co.uk Adrian

    No surprise really . Most of the drivers know all ready about the doggy garages

  • http://familylocator.org shako


  • http://www.talkwarranties.com Car Warranty

    This is especially worrying during the winter months. Talk Warranties are just introducing a directory of UK based mechanics with over 22,000 listed. This will have an option for people to blog on the individual mechanics. Perhaps it will help to highlight the good from the bad as well as to keep certain mechnics in line if they get bad reviews.

  • Ericatpellon

    hi i am a garage owner in west yorkshire. this thing about garages ripping people off has been going on for years .you are going to get good and bad people runing all kinds of busineses who will try to make a fast buck out of their customers. but there are safe -guards that motorists can look for , such as “is the garage in a trade association” look out for Motorcodes. they vet garages for pricing,customer care,they have to show the customers the old parts and explain the reason for repair and many other things. this will not stop bad garages, they will always exist,but if you do a little homework and listen to word of mouth” good stories “you will find the right choice of a good garage in your area
    eric roberts http://www.pellonautocentre.com

  • http://www.compressionfittings.org.uk Compression fittings

    This is a very alarming news for many garage owners. Safety and proper security must be held to avoid this scenario. I’m just having an advice, this is all for your own safety and for your owned things.

  • http://burnettauto.com/?PageData=54210 Olathe Tire Service

    Does this have something to do with the Lemon Law?  I wasn’t sure if liability was an issue with missed repairs.

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