Do you like to go fast? | The Bugatti Veyron breaks Land Speed Record

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We all know the Bugatti Veyron is one fast car. We also all know that it will cost you an arm and a leg (and possibly your soul) to buy one. However, if you get your highs from extreme speed and pushing the boundaries of all driving that we have ever known, and you have the cash in the bank, then shelling out your millions on this particular special edition Veyron may well be worth considering.

The special edition is the Super Sport, a car that manages to take the remarkably flashy original and somehow make it even flashier. Remember people, this is a super car that still lets you experience the luxuries, and it doesn’t get much flashier than that. Oh, apart from when they make it go even faster than the already absurdly fast predecessor, of course.

How fast is┬áthat, exactly? Well, the new top speed of 268mph at the Volkswagen Group’s proving ground at Ehra-Lessien is a new land speed record for a production car. Which isn’t bad, really. It sure beats my top speed of approximately 10 mph, anyway. Plus, the first 7.5 seconds takes them from 0-124 mph, which is starting to get into the sorts of speeds that mean nothing to me at all, as I have no frame of comparison.

Congrats, Bugatti – what an achievement!

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Posted by admin   @   5 July 2010

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6 Opinions

  • mercedes finance

    a truly maginificient car and yes it is incredibly pricey

  • Competitive Cars

    Yep definetely want one of these. Awesome car. Very quick car.
    Competitive Cars´s last blog post ..Picture of a Ute collapsed from 2 tonne of concrete!!!

  • Stuart Robertson

    Is it time for the UK to have its first Autobahn?

  • Sean

    This is an awesome vehicle! I could only imagine what it would be like to drive. Bugatti truly knows how to make a great sports car.

  • Driving Lessons

    Not for everyone this car

  • LightningCars

    Isnt this the fastest car in the world?Top speed of 268miles/hr?? Oh my, I wouldnt be late for work if I own this car!
    LightningCars´s last blog post ..Kreutzer Series Xi

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