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You can always tell it is nearly Christmas when the drink driving adverts pop up during the advert break, and when those big thoroughly distracting lit up signs by the motorway start advising “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE”. Its a brilliant message, especially when people drink so much over Christmas that they often forget what their name is – and if they forget their name they are even more likely to forget¬†how to drive! …all the more reason to carry catastrophic health insurance!

Last years campaign, which¬†has actually been carried on through the years, is titled “Moment of Doubt”. You all remember it – a man asks for a drink in a bar and you have a flash through of all the terrible things that happen to him because he drink drives. Of course, as is the problem with many of these adverts, people simple switch off when it comes on the screen – or if they do watch it, they can interpret it as “if you are going to drink drive, don’t get caught”.

With police claiming that they will catch more drink drivers than ever this year, it seems that the problem is only getting larger year on year, rather than smaller.

What do you think they could do to stop this happening?

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Posted by admin   @   2 December 2009

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2 Opinions

  • trocadero

    Don’t want to appear “Holier than thou!” because I am not.

    I got a wake up call many years ago, breathalysed outside my own home. I wasn’t over the limit, but on that occasion, more by luck than judgement.

    In the subsequent 30 years or so, I don’t drive if drinking and if have been drinking too much, don’t drive later or the next day.


  • admin

    Hi Trocadero

    Good for you, that is the very best thing to do, and what I encourage any of my less responsible friends to do around Christmas! If nothing else, it just isn’t worth the risk of crashing!

    Thanks for commenting!

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