Electric Car Network to Become a Reality in Yorkshire?

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Electric cars are a nice idea, but I have talked before about how there are numerous problems that need to be sorted before they become a reality. I am more inclined to see hydrogen cars as the real future of the automotive industry, and electric cars as a convenient in-between that helps to alleviate peoples green conscience, and possibly to reduce emissions a little. Still, today’s news suggests that a nationwide network of charging points is an ever more likely reality, and this is outside of the capital.

A consortium in Yorkshire has announceda plan to install 700 charging points throughout the county, making it suddenly a whole lot easier for people to charge up their electric and hybrid cars. Still, the availability of such points will only matter if the car companies can build cars that don’t take a ridiculously cialis cheapest price long time to charge, which currently they do. If everyone were to switch onto electric cars then I can see these chargers getting blocked up by cars taking hours to recharge, which raise a whole collection of practicality questions.

Still, whatever your personal view on the subject it is undeniable that if this happens it will change the face of electric cars in the UK. Driving may be changed for the forseeable future, thanks to the opening up of the north-south corridor to those who need to use it in an electric vehicle.


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2 Opinions

  • http://shop.group5motorsport.com KW Suspension

    Have you seen the new honda electric car? I believe we are at an age where electric cars are feasible.. they are fast, reliable, efficient, and with the proper charging station can be fully charged in 30 minutes. So basically, in the rare instances you need to drive over the range of the vehicle, you’ll probably have to stop to eat any way. In the time you eat, your car can be fully charged again.

  • http://www.BigBucksAuto.com BigBucksAuto.com

    Does it really only take 30 minutes? When can we turn that 30 minutes into 10 minutes?

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