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There are many different factors that are currently holding back the electric car market from going full throttle ahead. Range is one, not to mention certain practicality issues and the installation of charging points nationwide. Another point, and perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in the road, is the fact that EVs generally take so long to charge up.

It’s fine if you just want a little city car and can charge it overnight between usage, but if you want a real everyday car for long time-bound jounreys then these are the sort of things that are almost guaranteed to make you think again before forking out the cash.

Cue, of course, a bit of a race for car manufacturers to come up with a solution that allows fast and efficient charging of electric cars in the same way that a normal fuel-powered car can be re-fuelled at a petrol station. If a solution is found, this could be what sets one manufacturer apart from the others, and it could also very easily be a massive catalyst for bringing EVs more effectively into the competition.

And it looks like there is a possibility that a solution has been found. According to AutoBlog’s Green section, a Japanese developer has just filed a patent for a plug in vehicle charger that offers the potential to charge an electric car in 5 minutes. In layman’s terms the developer has come up with a way to collect electric power and deliver it to plug-in vehicles in short 5-minute bursts, as a response to the fact that current cables are limiting the charging capabilities.

Of course filing a patent is many millions of miles from us seeing these innovations in the cars we drive every day – but it does suggest an end to the problem and a brighter future for the electric car market.


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Posted by admin   @   15 June 2011

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=192800179 Clint Box

    Patented and not ready for market?  Who cares?!  It’s still fantastic news…  Thanks for sharing!

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