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Gender equality is important. Without it all the changes and leaps and bounds that have been made in society seem kind of pointless – if we can’t achieve equality between the sexes, then it feels like there is little hope of achieving racial equality, or banishing discrimination. Because of this it is obvious that all of the little areas where discrimination goes unchecked need to be sorted out at some point – but that doesn’t make it any more painful when the “sorting out” comes!

What am I talking about? Well, the new ruling by the European Court of Justice of course, which has just declared that insurers cannot charge different premiums to men and women because of their gender. It makes sense – in what way would it be fair to charge someone more to insure their car just because they are men? Or, alternatively, to lower the price purely on the basis of their sex. It was something that needed to change, in much the same way that the pension age ought to be equal, but this doesn’t mean that the change is going to be smooth sailing.

You see, what is most likely to happen isn’t, as hoped by the eternally optimistic, that guy’s car insurance premiums drop. Instead, women’s charges are likely to rise, meaning that household premiums go up and everyone is left out of pocket. It is one step in the right direction for gender equality, but one step back for affordable car insurance!

You’d think a ruling like this would spell a more positive time, but instead people are going to be charged more in an economic environment that probably can’t take much more pressure. Of course you could opt for insurance from someone like Allianz Insurance and hope your prices are lower, but who knows if this will actually happen for anyone!

How do you reckon this can be fixed?

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  • Florida E-Filing

    you are so right

  • Car Insurance UK

    Gender equality is important in insurance.

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