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We are about half way through the Geneva Motor Show, and there have been some very impressive cars premiered in front of the eager hoards. With driving miniatures competing with muscular brawn, the inefficient fighting the Eco-friendly, and more car wax than you could shake a stick at, this glistening arena of metal and sheen has been a sight to behold.

Everyone has different opinions about what rocks and what doesn’t – but here are my personal favourites in three categories: The Pretty, The Powerful, and The Clever. I’m not going to give you all the stats and info – after all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

The Pretty


Bufori MKVI

Hyundai I-Flow

Perana Z-One

A collection of retro, sinuous and surprisingly beautiful cars, each of which are good looking enough to have won my heart without even having an engine under the bonnet! Gorgeous!

The Powerful

Hispano Suiza - XIOV

Techart GT Street

Mercedes Benz SL 500 Night Edition


Intimidatingly fast, with huge engines – these cars were, as always, the talk of the show. The styling has upped the ante too this year.

The Clever

Fornasari Racing Buggy


Kia Hybrid Concept

Lumeneo Smera

There weren’t as many wild and wacky yet nifty little cars this years as I was hoping there would be. There is nothing quite like the spectacle! However, these three did strike me as crazy and clever!


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Posted by admin   @   8 March 2010

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