Guest Blogger | Price war set to make new Vauxhall and Ford cars more affordable

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A leading car manufacturer in the UK could be creating an exciting summer motor market in a move that could work very well in the favour of people looking for a different vehicle, whether they are to buy new cars at Evans Halshaw or another licensed dealer in the near future. Vauxhall – one of the biggest names in the UK for cars – looks to spark a price war throughout the summer by lowering its prices.

The Daily Telegraph recently reported that showrooms will formally discount a large number of top-selling models during the summer by up to a fifth, meaning the deals are already excellent before haggling even starts. Vauxhall dealers have laid out their price agenda by offering a wide array of factory-new models for thousands of pounds less than originally planned, though decided to go one step further by dropping it by 20 per cent as standard.

Already-affordable models such as Agila are going to see cuts extend to Vauxhall’s entry-level, while flagship Corsa and Meriva models will also be cut to target younger and older drivers alike. It gets even more reasonable for customers who go higher up the chain of luxury, the Telegraph continued, as the Astra Sports Tourer and the popular Insignia VXR Nav 2.8i V6 24v Turbo 4×4 automatic give you the biggest savings.

This “Vauxhall Countdown” programme will come into effect only when a car is ordered or registered between June 17th and July 18th. Cars ordered prior to this date that haven’t been delivered will also be eligible, though again they must be registered between the specified dates.

People may also want to remember that the 20 per cent reduction applies to the list price only. Factory-fitted options, delivery and on-the-road charges are not included. Models left off the list include bottom-of-the-range Expression models, the ES/Tech, Zafira Exclusiv and Astra GTC.

All cars in the range still come with a lifetime warranty, or at least up to 100,000 miles, to first owners; Vauxhall will also pay the most part of the VAT bill. It is unknown if Ford will answer this with deals of their own, but the once-beleaguered Detroit-based car firm will not be looking to experience another downturn in the face of European-owned competition.

While the offers are certainly impressive, the current climate may necessitate such a strategy to overcome the market depression following the closure of the scrappage scheme brought in by the Labour government.

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