Happy 80th Birthday To Donington Park Racecourse

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OK, so yesterday we were distracted by the bank holiday, and so this post is actually a whole day out. Which wouldn’t normally matter, except for the fact that it is a time dependant post. Oh well, the sun and strolling made it worthwhile, so we would like to offer our biggest and best (and only a little belated) congratulations to Donington Park Racecourse, which yesterday celebrated its 80th birthday.

Donington Park Racecourse Track Layout

The track...

Having reached such a ripe old age, it seems only apt that we look back over some significant moments and facts from the history of this special place, courtesy of the wonders of Wikipedia.

  • In the war (WWII), Donington was used as a military vehicle storage depot.
  • The track again became property of the Wheatcroft family in December 2009, following the DVLL bancruptsy.
  • In the 1970s, Donington hosted one single Formula One racing event.
  • The original track was 2 mile 327 yd (3518 m) in length, and based on normal width unsealed estate roads.
  • Donington hosted the 1993 European Grand Prix, where Ayrton Senna beat Damon Hill by 1 whole minute.
  • It is the venue for the increasingly popular Download Festival.
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