Have You Been Fined Illegally? | London Traffic Offences Are Often Unlawful

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We are all familiar with the thoroughly painful fines that are handed out for traffic offenses. Parking in the wrong place, using the wrong land, driving too fast – all of these can result in us being ticketed and having to pay the resulting fine. We can appeal, but for ease most people don’t, they simply grumble under their breath and then pay the price. However, now there is a little hope for people who are fined – many of the tickets issued in the nation’s capital, London, may not actually be lawfully worded.

The research shows that 1.5 million drivers have been fined a massive sum of £150 million. The exciting news for motorists is that thanks to a technicality involving referring to the sign rather than the traffic offense on the ticket, the legal justification for charging people can’t be upheld. Thanks to this little detail a motorist in 2009 had his ticket overturned, and it is threatening to start something of an avalanche of similar claims, all of which are within the word of the law.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be fined for your offenses again – but it does mean that you may have a chance to get some cash back if the tickets have already affected you.

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Posted by admin   @   25 June 2010

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