Having a Hard Month? | Ford Sales Drop 22% in July

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Everyone is worrying about the economy again. Talk of a double dip is dominating the news headlines, and in that way we have, the public is panicking a little. And, with figures like this to look at, it is fair to see why they are worrying.

Ford, you see, have reported a 22% drop in sales in July. Despite a surprisingly good start to the year, which gave many car dealers a cause for optimism, it seem that this upwards trend has started to take a worrying turn in the opposite direction. Apparently profits are still on the up, but missing out on quite such a big chunk of sales must be enough to make Ford more than a little nervous.

I wonder if this is just the first sign of what is going to be a hard 6 months in the automotive industry?

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Posted by admin   @   13 August 2010

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