Honda Civic Type R | Permission to Drive Fast?

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Is the Honda Civic the latest in a long line of cars that accidentally encourage people to drive like maniacs?

It seems to be that this high powered car, designed to go fast even in its chunkier incarnations, is a really bad influence upon those who drive it. Whilst the technical data supports this being an average hatchback, with reasonable miles per gallon, the speed speaks another story. In particular, considering that this is a chunky 5 door car with room to spare, the model can roar up to 62mph in less than 7 seconds in the real world – no mean feat for a small fast car, let alone a big one.

This speed and brilliant power seems to be resulting in people going a little bit trigger happy with the accelerator pedal. In fact, a story hit the BBC earlier this week regarding a Honda Civic Type R being involved in a car chase that reached a cracking 130mph – around the Irish countryside!

Of course, police chases are a bit of a break from the norm – but it seems to be that this respected and excellent car makes people think less about speed limits and more about speed.

Do you agree?

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Posted by admin   @   30 November 2009

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3 Opinions

  • Mr Butterscotch

    What on Earth, less than 9 seconds? I assume that you’ve just not bothered to research the facts and figures of the Type R? The 01-06 version of this hot hatch will hit 60 in 6.4 seconds. Actually, the iVTEC engine encourages you to use all of the rev range (it’s linear with max power at the top end) but not speeding. Blame the driver, not the machinery folks…
    .-= Mr Butterscotch´s last blog ..Exclusive Interview With Sebastien Loeb From Red Bull Reporter =-.

  • admin

    Hi Mr Butterscotch

    Fair point – although in the real world it is pretty rare that they could actually manage that speed. I have updated it – don’t know where the first figure came from!

    Regarding speeding, it just seems that certain cars encourage it more than others – and the brilliant Civic is one of those candidates. I am not blaming the tech, don’t worry, only a bad workman blames his tools…


  • speedtc

    Now this car is a real monster, especially the Japanese model. Doubt any police car in e world can chase a souped up Civic Typre R..

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