Hospital Carparks | Which Ones Are Worst?

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We all know just how much of a nightmare hospital car parks in the UK can be. If you are there, for whatever reason, then you can bet that there will be a million other people who have appointments at the exact same time, and that means that you are guaranteed, without fail, to have to drive round and round in ever increasing circles until you are lucky enough to come across a car that happens to be leaving at the precise moment that you are driving past, and which is well timed enough to make you beat the 4×4 coming from the other direction into the space. In an environment where people need to be as relaxed as possible, it is a remarkably stressful process.

Adding to the stress is the cost. Parking is rarely cheap nowadays, but the privatisation of many NHS hospital car parks means that you can pay a hell of a lot of money, even if you have to stay in the hospital for many hours due to medical reasons. It is a problem that gets lots of publicity, with good reason!

Now, however, you don’t have to sit and wonder which are the best hospital car parks, and which are the worst. Because I know you were wondering. Consumer watchdog Which? have just published a report in which car parks are doing well and which ones need a serious revamp. The results showed that the Royal Derby hospital was perhaps the most hated by the public, receiving a record 82 complaints last year. In contrast, the Royal United Hospital Bath was rated best, thanks to having lots of payment methods, lots of spaces and a certain amount of free parking.

Why not have a look and see if your hospital is good or bad?

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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

    My hospital car park isn’t too bad actually. Nice article!
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