How Do You Fancy Owning The HMS Ark Royal?

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OK, OK, so this isn’t technically anything to do with cars. However, I thought that just occasionally we can be forgiven for some other mode of transport sneaking it’s way onto these pages, especially when it is the sort of story that will appeal to the geeky amongst us!

HMS Ark Royal

The HMS Ark Royal

So, anyway, the story is about the newly decommissioned HMS Ark Royal, sister ship to the slightly more famous HMS Invincible. Now that she isn’t in active duty she is up for grabs, if you will, and the suggestions on how best to use this hulking hunk of metal have been coming from all directions. Proposals for it include turning it into a commercial heliport, a base for security personnel during the London Olympics, or a school and nightclub (which is our personal favourite). However, they are accepting bids up until the 13th June, which means that if you had the spare mullah, you could own this.

We reckon it could make a great display in a millionaire’s private lake, used to host parties and carry humongous piles of cucumber sandwiches. Or maybe it could become the next Rainbow Warrior, in a real opportunity to stick it to the man. What are your ideas?

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Posted by admin   @   28 March 2011

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  • Richard

    i’ll buy that for a dollar


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