Huge Fines For Dubai Driver!

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A bit of a newsy piece today, but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

I just read on the BBC that a driver in Dubai has finally been caught following 2 years of alluding the police. Whilst many people may take a while to pay a parking ticket or two, this particular driver had taken avoiding payment to a whole different levels – having collected $97,000 worth of tickets and fines!

Now I don’t know about you, but to me this seem more than a little over-the-top. He was, of course, caught and charged – because everyone knows that if you avoid the system that much it will eventually catch up with you. I can’t imagine what he must have been feeling when he was finally commanded to pay up! I doubt he’ll be driving as much again – maybe he’ll opt for one of the many car rent dubai options and let them pay the bills?!

The obvious solution to his whole problem would be to just follow the rules and not speed or park in the wrong place. There are always going to be roads or parking regulations that irritate us, but when the consequence of ignoring the rules is the price of a small house then it should be easy to prioritise your bank account over your desire to drive fast! Silly man!

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Posted by admin   @   15 February 2010
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