Is Your Car Dangerous? | How Toyota’s Car Recall Can Affect You

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Toyota’s massive recall of millions of their cars due to an accelerator pedal has been big news recently. The question if you own a Toyota in the UK, however, is how this will affect you?

  • If you own a Toyota that has had problems with the accelerator pedal (namely sticking and stiffness), then you should ring their company hot-line and get the problem fixed through them.
  • As the owner of a Toyota you should receive a letter from the DVLA that will inform you what to do in this situation, and what will happen.
  • Don’t get the car fixed independently, as this may be done incorrectly and compound the problem.
  • In total very few cars have been affected, so this isn’t a cause for mass panic, although using an alternate car if available is probably worth considering.
  • The newly arising problems with the Prius’ brake pedals apparently WILL NOT affect UK Prius’, so if you own this model you don’t have a second issue to worry about.

The key things to take away? Follow correct procedure, and DON’T PANIC!

Information can be found here, and the number to call is 0800 1388744

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Posted by admin   @   4 February 2010

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  • mr.ed

    We have friends with these cars. I have urged them to have all those who drive them to practice slipping the shift up into Neutral without fishing for it or looking at it. This has proven to be near impossible for some, who are unsure at this and many other mechanical things in life. They could die young if they don’t get the hang of it.

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