It’s All About Being Green | Mercedes-Benz Launch Green Dealer Initiative

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Everywhere you turn nowadays, it is all about being green. Last month Greenpeace were on Volkswagen’s case about their green credentials, and it seems that no manufacturer is able to escape the influence of our newly developed global conscience. This is, of course, good, although fans of hugely uneconomic engines that belch out emissions by the barrel-load are no doubt not going to agree. Still, we are in a world with depleted resources, and being aware of what we do and responding accordingly is definitely a step in the right direction.

After all, if the future is bright, that means the future is green.

The latest move in environmental friendliness has come from Mercedes Benz, who have today announced the launch of their Green Dealer initiative. Well, I say Launched, but actually this scheme has been pioneered at their Watford dealership for three months, and is now being rolled out to the rest of the dealers in the UK.

So, what does this PR-friendly scheme actually entail? Well, actually, this is an approach that is way more in-depth than the usual recycling of paper and token gesture at turning the lioghts off of an evening. Using the Watford dealership as the model, dealers are likely to take part in a range of approaches, such as replacing existing lighting with lamps that only come on when required and using accent LED lighting to highlight its display vehicles at night, installing de-stratification fans to draw heat to ground level, updating the energy management system, and of course stocking the range of BlueEFFICIENCY cars and taking part general all-round green bits and pieces.

What do you think – does this approach cover all of the big green issues that an average car dealership could expect to encounter? Do you have any suggestions for further increasing efficiency?

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