Jeep Embraces Social Media | Celebrate Their 70th Anniversary with the Brand

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It could easily be argued that Jeep are a brand that may well struggle in the next decade. After all, eco-conscious approaches to buying car,s and the rising costs of fuel, mean that economical vehicles are quite likely ot win out. Off-roading 4x4s that have an annoying tendency to gobble up fuel may well be relegated to the realms of necessity, bought only by the people who actively need a Jeeps capabilities, rather than by the soccer mums doing the school run in their giant gleaming automobile.

As such, perhaps this is why Jeep have seen now as the time to launch themselves into the social media sphere. As well as helping the brand to celebrate their 70th anniversary, it seems likely that this direct line to fans and customers can be used to help support the brand’s future directions. Whether just convincing people of the value of Jeep or actively using social media followers as a sounding board, it is good that the manufacturer has decided social media is worth the time of day.

Used as a way to communicate with the brands committed fan base, the pages will host exclusive content and news, as well as be a place for the fans to talk to each other and Jeep. Above all else it will be a place for people to get involved and have fun with the brand and the product.

By the looks of it this launch is set to be the beginning of big things for Jeep, taking them on a whole new social media adventure!




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  • Hidcanada Com

    Jeeps are for real men, man. It needs low maintenance , doesn’t burn up a lot of fuels. Not to mention that it is very functional, which every car should be. A lot better than those fancy cars, I believe.

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