MG Rover Workers Sign Steel Beam at New Bournville College

Post image of MG Rover Workers Sign Steel Beam at New Bournville College

MG Rover may be dead and gone, but it has left behind a legacy of enthusiastic and impressive workers. The factory, which closed in 2005, abandoned its old history to the wind. After all, the collapse caused the direct loss of 6,000 jobs, badly damaging the economy around the Midlands.

Times have started moving on in the 5 years since that terrible collapse, and now the site of the old MG Rover factory is involved in a £1bn redevelopment of the site, the aim being to make the factory location into an area that the community would be proud of. We have already seen the opening of an appropriate design studio on the ground, and the end result of all this expensive development will be the new £66m college campus for Bournville College, and is expected to include modern glass and steel centric design to set the college apart from its surroundings in the most stylish way possible.

To commemorate the importance of the land and industry that preceded the college, former Rover workers will all be signing a big steel beam that will be used in the building, something which will allow them to be part of the building for as long as it stands. I have to question why on earth they chose the hair and beauty department as the location of the beam,but never mind – it is still a nice thought!

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Posted by admin   @   22 September 2010

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    that’s a bad ash looking college :)

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