New Iconic and Beautiful Bus for London | Do you like the Routemaster?

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I don’t envy the person who got the job of redesigning the iconic London red bus. I know that they aren’t quite as remarkable now that most of the traditional red buses have left our streets, but even so this public transport is deeply ingrained in the nations psyche. In short, don’t mess it up, because people will get angry. And passionate. And they will possibly form orderly but incensed queues just to be able to give you a thump for designing so badly.

Thankfully, however, I don’t think the designer of the most recent version, the Routemaster, has all too much to be worried about. Sure the new bus moves more in the direction of modernity and extensive sweeps of glass, but at the same time it is clearly a good looking vehicle. The curves, replacing the boxiness of more traditional buses, not only improves aerodynamics but looks damn good with it, whilst the clever hop-off hop-off doors and stairways aim to make life easier for everyone. It is even (as would be expected) more economical, reporting a significant 40% improvement in efficiency. You can tell that Aston Martin had a hand in the original designs!

What do you think?

new london routemaster bus

The New London Routemaster

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Posted by admin   @   17 May 2010

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