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I hole my hands up happily to the fact that I am not a fan of Lotus cars. Perhaps I have decorated too many cakes in my time, but their carved exterior reminds me of icing, gone at with a palette knife to apparently resemble a work of art. The old style Lotus’, in my opinion, were too flashy, and actually kind of ugly.

Enter Paris. Thisweek, Lotus have revealed their newest line up, and my my must I eat my words. Gone are the deep grooves, to be replaced with an angular yet sleek design. Very modern, and more than a little inspired by the visuals of Aston Martins and even Audis. The 5 car list (the Espirit, Elan, Elise, Elite and Eterne) cover all styles from ostentatious but still attractive sports car right through to utterly luxuriant executive transport. There is something for everyone, and in my opinion the new cars show that the Proton owned brand has still what it takes to punch with the big boys.

Lotus Elan

Lotus Elise

Lotus Elite

Lotus Espirit

Lotus Eterne

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Posted by admin   @   4 October 2010

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