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It has recently been revealed that a 92 year old man has passed the advanced driving test. If this wasn’t impressive enough, he passed 75 years after his first test! The news came about after there was a slight uproar about pensioners being told they need to re-take their driving test to prove that they are still safe on the roads. Archie Scott has certainly proved the DVLA wrong, and although he admitted that he was apprehensive about taking the second test, he passed with flying colours.


Archie Scott The Advanced Driver

Archie Scott The Advanced Driver

So all this controversy about age and driving, is there really any substance to the statements? The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) said that Archie’s successful test has strengthened the studies that reveal that older drivers are safer than the younger generation. The revelations also state that pensions make up 8% of the countries driving populations, and only 4% are involved in injury causing crashes.

Despite this, it was confessed by Archie that the test he took in 1935 was considerably easier than the one today, where he ‘drove in a fairly straight line’. However his recent success proves that he is still more than capable on the road, and as advanced driver statistics report, he will have a 50-70% lower accident rate than other drivers.

So should there be a mandatory re-take of the driving test after a certain age…what do you think?

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3 Opinions

  • http://www.conceptvehicleleasing.co.uk Concept Vehicle Leasing

    This is epic! I don’t know if it should be mandatory at all, I think it should depend on the history of the driver.
    Concept Vehicle Leasing´s last blog post ..Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween

  • http://www.vicky89.com/cars vicky the car thief

    atleast give some respect for the people who are about to die…. c’on where have your dignity gone to huh?
    vicky the car thief´s last blog post ..Ferrari 599 HY KERS- The Green Ferrari hybrid using 599 as prototype

  • http://www.elitecrashrepairs.com/Default.aspx John

    Older drivers may not drive as much or as far hence the lower accident rate. 

    My grandmother had to re-take the test and failed. Her knowledge of driving laws was terrible. She had some lessons and managed to pass the second time round. Her driving has now improved as a result. 

    It is important that we re-check drivers ability periodically for all ages not just when you first get your licence at 17. 

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