Pocket Money? | Westminster Council Owed £18m in Parking Fines

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When money is this tight, it becomes somewhat more commonplace to hear news stories that document just how much potential revenue the government seems to be missing out on. We have expenses scandals, unpaid taxes – and the latest in a long line, unpaid parking fines.

Today has seen a BBC Freedom of Information request turning up some rather interesting, and worrying, figures. Westminster Council has had a massive 180,000 unpaid parking tickets over the past three years, figures which have resulted in a total sum of £18m unpaid. This isn’t mere pocket money – this sort of cash is the type that could make a huge difference to a community, and to its people.

Of course, many people will argue that parking tickets and fines are just a way of making some quick cash. However, in crowded areas it does seem a very good way for a debt ridden council to manage to balance the books, as well as ensuring that parking and spaces keep flowing efficiently. There are arguments against this, of course, but as the rules don’t sound like they are going to change any time soon, so focusing on the cash dividends of those 85,000 warrants currently out there is probably the only way to go.

What do you think of these figures?

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