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There is a lot of precious cargo working its way around the motorways of Britain, and indeed the world. Much of it is legal – bank notes, coins, antiques, thoroughbred racing horses and so on, whilst a lot is also bound to be totally illegal. I am talking about huge drugs deals, human trafficking, and stolen goods. What is certain is that at any one time the roads are full of valuable collections of cargo, and that sometimes something goes wrong with it’s transport.

There was a recent case in Italy where a truck carrying a shipment of Euro notes from the Italian Mint to the banks found that for whatever reason, its doors had popped open as it drove down the motorway. There were 2 million Euros on board, which means that the authorities are likely to be relieved that other lucky road drivers only made off with about €10,000.

Then there is the case of the Aberdeen man arrested on the A90 with a stunning total of £166ks worth of cannabis resin in the boot. I am willing to be there was nothing mellow about him when that happened!

The moral of the story? If you are carrying a valuable load of precious cargo, be careful? Please?!

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Posted by admin   @   7 July 2010

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