SatNav On Your Phone? | Nokia Releases Free Turn-By-Turn GPS On Smartphones

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We rarely get lost any more. At least, not the kind of lost where you end up going around and around in circles in some godforsaken forest. No, thanks to the advent of the SatNav, people everywhere can find there way to their end destination with minimal fuss. Brands such as TomTom have become as familiar in cars as the gear stick or steering wheel, and whilst they may occasionally take you on strange convolutedroutes, they almost always get you to your destination in the end.

Now, however, it is looking like you don’t need a stand alone device any more. Instead, you or your car can be directed by a very everyday object – the mobile phone. Not satisfied with needing two devices, Nokia have announced at midnight last night that all their smartphones will come with turn-by-turn GPS, meaning that unless you need something rugged and outdoorsy, you shouldn’t theoretically need a SatNav any more. Instead, you will simply own one of their popular smart phones (like the N97 or N95) and use that instead. Thanks to all the features already present in these phones, and the ever increasing speed of connections and processing, these could be a real threat to the relatively stable TomTom/SatNav market.

Do you believe this service, which is free to anyone with a compatible phone, could blow SatNavs out of the water by the end of 2010?

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Posted by admin   @   21 January 2010

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