Secondhand Independant Car Dealers Top List Of Consumer Complaints

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It seems that independent car dealers have been doing something wrong when selling their vehicles to customers. Thanks to a high number of complaints about mechanical problems – most notably faults with the brakes, engine or clutch – about a fifth of all people who buy a used car through a dealer like this has experienced issues once the sale is over. That is a worrying statistic, and one that means in recent studies this has been the most complained about area in the UK.

If you are an independent trader of secondhand cars, then you will need to pay heed to these results. After all your sector has more complaints that television complaints and mobile phone service complaints. You will have to ensure that your cars are in good condition and totally legal, as the trading regulator now has a spotlight on you and any big issues will likely be made public!

Have you had trouble buying from an independant trader?

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Posted by admin   @   28 January 2010

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