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Hi everyone!

I’m back from holiday, I hope you enjoyed the posting in my absence?

I am about to make a terrible admission. I kind of like Smart Cars. I don’t love them, but when I see one drive past me in the street I can’t help but smile, and usually it isn’t even with a hint of mockery in the curl of my lips. They make me happy, and they have created a niche in a market that seemed to be crammed to the brim with niches. This fulfil their role well as teeny tiny cars, and they are small enought to be parked at right angles to the pavement.

In my mind, this makes them cool. I don’t know about in yours?

Anyway, here is the new Smart Facelift advert, due to be aired in a couple of days. It is brash, youthful and exciting, and I have to say I like the ad. It is a little crazy, and that is no bad thing.

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Posted by admin   @   14 September 2010

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