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I know, I know, I really ought to be writing about the formula one. However, I am a relatively crap petrol head because I left it halfway through even though it was exciting, and this means that I have a little research and updating to do before I can make any inferences with any sort of reliability.

So, instead, I thought on this cold winter’s day, that I would bring you a lovely story from Brighton.

Last week saw the launch of The Future Car Challenge, A new motoring challenge for Electric, Hybrid and Low-Emission ICE vehicles to use the lowest energy on a 60 mile route from Madeira Drive, Brighton to Pall Mall & Regent Street, London”. The aim is for manufacturers of frugal cars, along with owners, celebrities and anyone at all in the media, to race their efficient cars from start to finish, with the hope of being crowned the winner.

the future car challenge


Thankfully you don’t just have to be the fastest in order to win this race – there were awards for many things, ranging from Most Economic Small Passenger EV right through to Best F-Cell Hydrogen Vehicle, meaning that there really is something for everyone.The overall winners? The Best Overall Private Entry: Lotus Elise S1 Electric, and the Best Overall Entry: Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion Electric

Do you agree with the results?

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    I am happy to be born in this era when cars look this good. I have my eye on one of 25 Viper CRX built for the track – sweeeeeet – it is ok to dream

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