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The past week or so has been busy for the automotive industry. The news is filled every day with pieces about the steady dropping in new car registrations, and it would be understandable for car dealers to be getting a little bit panicky about their sales figures. The VAT rise has had a big impact on the industry, and how soon it will recover is anyone’s guess.

Consequently it is unsurprising that car manufacturers are making a move to try and advertise their cars. No doubt aware of the competition that is bound to be on, multiple automotive manufacturers are trying to produce the best adverts on at the moment. I think the clear winner is the Volkswagen: The Force commercial (if you haven’t heard about it, where have you been for the past few weeks? This is the ad that was shown in that legendarily expensive slot in the Superbowl ad break), but there are a couple of good tries from Renault and Peugeot too!

As well as being funny, this is one of those adverts that actually does a good job and building hype. Volkswagen released a teaser way before actually showing the advert for the first time, and this meant everyone was chatting about it. An impressive piece of advertising which really speaks for itself.

Totally different in style to the Volkswagen ad, the new commercial for the Renault Clio is for a raunchier, more adult audience. It may have been banned from daytime TV, but this certainly does manage to sum up the concept of “Va Va Voom”, as well as making sure that people pay attention to the Dita Von Tease action unfolding on screen.

Finally we have a campaign that is less about the specific advert, and more about the marketing campaign behind it. The Peugeot 207 Envy campaign is all about tongue in cheek references to the car’s desirability, as well as running “whodunnit” style campaigns to let people win cars. A very clever concept.

And some more adverts suggested by our readers:

Have we missed any adverts? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Opinions

  • Course Search

    That is one funny commercial! I like that kid Darth Vader LOL!

  • CarLockGuy

    The Volkswage/Darth Vader commercial was adorable. Add the fact that the kid playing it is completely cute and has a touching lifestory to tell make it much more memorable.

  • Trucks In California

    Volkswagen ad is the most funny and related to the cars performance also.

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