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Normally people spread out their Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong, people still leave it to the minute and engage in panicky midnight trips to the supermarket on Christmas Eve, but generally the entire population manage to spread out their buying over a few weeks or even months. However, when this isn’t possible, such as the case in Scotland, this rush of present buying grinds to a rather shocking halt.

For weeks most of Scotland has been somewhat isolated. Running out of food and stuck in absurdly snowy areas, they have been unable to get to supermarkets, let alone take a leisurely present-hunting stroll down the high street. Until the end of last week, however, when finally the thaw set in (temporary as it may well be), and the snow melted enough to release a crowd of bored people desperate for fresh air and something interesting to do.

The result of this? The total congestion of northern Scottish city centres , to the point that Aberdeen City Council had to make announcements over Twitter and other news sources that all car parks within the city centre were completely full, as hoards of shoppers descended up on them. It seems there is never enough parking to deal with a capacity like this, and whilst rare is does show just how much we depend upon the supply of various car parks but the local councils and private profit making individuals. Without them, entire cities can become over crowded and gridlocked, and even possibly dangerous!

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Posted by admin   @   13 December 2010

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