The New 2010 Nissan Micra | What do you think?

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Noone would say that the Nissan Micra is the most exciting car in the world – after all, it is targeted at a very specific audience, and they are people who are unlikely to want massive spoilers and a wacky paint job. That said, the world is filling up with exciting new cars that come with looks and efficiency in one great bundle, and competing against these must be difficult for the sedate and relatively dull Micra.

Consequently you could be forgiven for thinking that the new version of this old car would be jazzed up a little bit. Perhaps they would make it just a little more stylish, or throw in a really good feature. Or maybe they would just change the headlight design – anything to make it look a little more modern and stop it getting outdated.

Well… it would seem that that isn’t the case. The new Nissan Micra has been released earlier today, and so far the reception hasn’t been particularly appreciative. Most people seem to find the particularly curvy car – like the last Nissan Micra, but with the corners sanded down – boring, unimpressive and easily forgettable. This may still be OK for its target market, but I think they need to be looking ahead to the shifts in expectations that are bound to happen. A typical and predictable look may well not cute it any more.

New Nissan Micra, 2010

What do you think of the new Nissan Micra? Is it suitable for 2010?

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Posted by admin   @   2 March 2010

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