The Roads Not to Drive – Britain’s Most Dangerous Roads

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According to a report carried out by the Road Safety Foundation, of all the crashes that happen on our roads, half of them take place on just one tenth of the routes.

The charity’s report covered 28,000 miles of A-roads and motorways. It found that, on average, the roads in Scotland saw the highest number of accidents. However, the road with the worst safety record was in Derbyshire, England, on the A537, which runs between Macclesfield, Cheshire, and Buxton.

The road is used by a lot of heavy goods vehicles and is popular with tourists. The road’s scenic views and long, straight stretches also attract a lot of motorcyclists.

Several other roads in Derbyshire were also found to be among the ten most dangerous in Britain:

  • A537 Macclesfield to Buxton – Cheshire/Derbyshire
  • A5012 Pikehall to Matlock – Derbyshire
  • A621 Baslow to Totley – Derbyshire/South Yorkshire
  • A625 Calver to Sheffield – South Yorkshire
  • A54 Congleton to Buxton – Derbyshire
  • A581 Rufford to Chorley – Lancashire
  • A5004 Whaley Bridge to Buxton – Derbyshire
  • A675 Blackburn to Preston – Lancashire
  • A61 Barnsley to Wakefield – South/West Yorkshire
  • A285 Chichester to Petworth – West Sussex

The report also found that single roads were the most hazardous, and saw six times the number of accidents as motorways and two times as many as dual carriageways. In all however, there was a fall of 5% in the number of fatal crashes on these types of roads in the past three years.

What Makes a Road Dangerous

There are several factors the can contribute to making a road dangerous. For instance, the number of cars using a road. If a high number of vehicles are using the same stretch, then there is obviously a greater chance for something to go wrong or for someone to lose concentration.

Another factor that can affect the safety of a road is the weather. Hazardous weather conditions such as snow, freezing conditions or heavy rain can seriously affect the level of grip on a road. When hazardous weather condition are abound, it is best to avoid driving altogether.

Poorly designed roads are also a big contributing factor in safety. Many of the accidents that happen on the roads in Britain occur at junctions, some of which can be blind junctions. This can make it difficult for a driver to see what is coming without pulling out into the road a little. Extreme caution is advisable when trying to manoeuvre from a blind junction onto a main road.

Roads that are used during stressful times, such as during the rush hours to and from work to and from work, or during holiday time, can also be dangerous. In fact above all other factor, careless and unsafe driving is the greatest cause of road traffic accidents.

By driving mindfully and within the laws, traffic accidents can be greatly reduced. However, just because you’re driving safely, someone else may not be which can lead to an accident, the consequences of which can be devastating.

This is why it is important to talk to road accident lawyers if you’ve been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault. Specialist lawyers, such as Irwin Mitchell, can help you and your dependants get the compensation needed to put you back financially where you would’ve been had you not suffered the accident.

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