Toyota Model Suspension | Product Recall Damages Brand

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the problems that Toyota have been having for the past year or so. An issue with the accelerator pedal led to millions of cars being recalled only last week, and the once reliable Japanese brand has had something of a PR nightmare on their hands. This is especially bad on top of another recall that saw over 4 million cars being called back last October. Again, a pedal was the cause, that time with the pedal catching under the mat.

Well, if the PR team thought the new year might bring a fresh new start, then they were wrong. Last weeks car recall has blossomed into an even bigger issue, as Toyota have had to suspend sales of eight of its most popular US models. The models, which include the popular Tundra model, have been pulled from the market in order to put safety first.

It is a fair reason, but will loyal customers hang around until they become available again?!

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Posted by admin   @   27 January 2010

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