Toyota’s Bad Year Continues | Lexus GX 460 Withdrawn in US

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It is fair to say that Toyota’s remarkably bad year is getting steadily worse and worse. The PR nightmare that has been the massive car recall is largely being forgotten, but juts as people start to think about liking Toyota again out comes yet another problem or crisis.

The latest problem is with Lexus, one of the brands owned by the Japanese Toyota brand. The luxury Lexus GX 460 4×4 is a chunky 4-wheel drive that has that oh-so-typical curved bonnet and luxury design that Lexus’ are famed for. Now, however, they don’t seem quite so luxurious, as they have hit a big road block in the shape of Consumer Reports, which said that the expensive SUV carried “an unusually high risk of a rollover accident during certain types of turns”.

Although Toyota have issued a statement claiming that they are confident the vehicle is safe, they have withdrawn the model from US soil in the aftermath of the allegations – and it waits to be seen if they will prove its safety or have to change something before it gets back on the road.

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Posted by admin   @   14 April 2010

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