Unsurprising Automotive News | Saab Finally Go Into Administration

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There are some bits of auto news that just aren’t exciting to report about. The Fiesta being a popular car, for instance, or wheels being round. They just ain’t gonna shock anyone.

Such is the news with Saab. The company have been mired in financial difficulties for nigh on a year, and in reality for probably even longer. They haven’t paid their workers, they’ve had massive governmental handouts, but all to no avail, as the British division (Saab GB) has gone into administration. Now, it isn’t the whole god awful company, but it’s definitely a step in the direction of everything coming to an end.

As for now? Well, everything hangs in the balance for the 58 Saab dealerships scattered around the country, with everyone waiting to see if the company will mange to secure the funding it needs to keep in business.

Do you think Saab GB will survive?

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