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Whoever would have thought that all the people taking holidays that involve driving, ferries and trains would suddenly be the ones with the most time efficient journeys back from their holiday destinations?!

Well, that is exactly what has happened with the arrival of large quantitiesof volcanic ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano. The ash is currently being blown over the UK and Europe as very high altitude – pretty much exactly the sort of level that passenger planes will normally fly at. Consisting of lots of tiny glass particles and dust, this ash is a very real hazard to any planes that fly into it – as it can cut out every single engine if enough ash gets in. After all, this actually happened a couple of decades ago, and the near disaster isn’t something that the travel industry wants to repeat.

What that means, however, is that driving holidays suddenly make sense. All the people who have taken their cars and families off to destinations in Spain, France or anywhere else that can be accessed by over-ground transportwill suddenly find that having all their tickets already booed and their journey home planned will mean that they may actually beat their flying counterparts, who are stuck in airports all over the continent.

Obviously the moral of this story is to drive everywhere!

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  • http://www.cramiesmanuals.com/servlet/StoreFront Annie

    The ash also shut down production for a ton of automakers – like Ford and BMW. Wondering how that will impact the automakers?

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