Volvo Gets Snowy | Supporter of Snowbombing 2010

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Volvo have, on reflection, had a pretty good year. They have just announced that their sales of new cars have risen 4% in 2009 – no mean feat considering the tenuous state of the global economy. Even better for nature lovers, they have just produced a test fleet of functional and reliable Volvo electric cars, due on the market in the coming few years.

Now, however, the Scandinavian car manufacture seem to have decided to go back to their roots, by supporting the Snowbombing event of 2010.

Snowbombing is an Austrian music festival, which takes place in the heavenly environment of the Austrian mountains – a week of music and sun on the snow. What more perfect location could there be for Volvo to showcase their favourite cars, such as the C30 SportsCoupe? Just imagine, the sunlight gleaming off the metal whilst snowboarders tackle the slops above.

Volvo, I salute you – what a location!

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Posted by admin   @   18 January 2010

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