VW Camper Van Celebrates 60th Birthday | A Rundown of Some of the Coolest Vans

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The VW Camper van is more than just a mode of transport. It, like the Mini, is a symbol of days gone by. It is an example of its time, and will always been filled with nostalgia and admiration. It isn’t just a matter of obsession for the lucky few who happen to own a camper that still runs, but a source of fascinationĀ for youngsters free cialis pills who weren’t around when they first became a sensation. Whether surfers riding down to Newquay, hippies driving into the sunset or grandparents heading down to the seaside, there is something about this iconic Volkswagen creation that won’t allow itself to be forgotten or discarded.

This is evidenced by the fact that the VW Camper is 60 years old this year. It has been around through all sortsĀ of trouble and strife, has seen free loving give way to the unions and watched the millennium dawn. It is a flawed vehicle, no doubt about it, but it has a charm and charisma that matter more than any engine or performance!

To celebrate this special birthday, we thought we would put together a quick picture reel of some of the coolest VW camper vans that we have been lucky enough to hear about!

flower power VW camper

Flower Power VW Camper Van

vw westfalia camper van

Westfalia VW Camper Van - with solar panels etc

Teeny mini VW Camper Van

Teeny Mini VW Camper Van

vw camper van beach

Firey Beach Customised VW Camper Van

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Posted by admin   @   2 June 2010

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4 Opinions

  • http://www.stereoremovalhelp.com Car Radio Guy

    You’ve gotta love the old VW Van. That teeny mini van is hilarious

  • Leslie Webb

    I love the VW teeny mini camper van shown in green and white. What a sweet little van – just what I would love to have. Is there anyone out there that has one to sell, or knows where I can find one?

  • http://www.najel.bi/najem_avta/1/2 avta

    I really like those old Vans. It really looks like some good history :)

  • campermad matty

    Does anyone know the owner of the mini vw camper (green and white) as im currently doing an engineering project and making one!! i would just like to know the layout or a diagram of the chassis ie crossmembers, shell mounts etc etc. many thanks , matty.

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