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With new car sales figures steadily declining, it should come as no surprise to hear that manufacturers are starting to take a more in depth look at the used car market. More and more people are choosing to buy secondhand rather than spending all of their hard earned cash on a brand new automobile, and as such brands such as VW have decided that they could lend a certain something to the proceedings.

I expect this is why VW have announced a new used car selling scheme, called Das WeltAuto, which is to be launched on Good Friday. This takes the best bits of buying a new car – the security in knowing the car hasn’t been crashed before, the warranty, and the expected standards – and turns them over to the used car part of the business, through a scheme that goes above and beyond the traditional “approved used cars” marquee. The cars with the “World Car” stamp have been prepared to VW standards, as well as having at least 12 months’ warranty, a full history check and a 30-day, 1000-mile ‘no-quibble exchange’ promise.

Of course, whilst the benefits are nice (and whilst we understand that car manufacturers have to take moves like this to keep their heads above the water), we can’t help but question the prices of these cars. If buying a used car becomes like buying a new one, as seems to be the aim of this idea, then how much of a mark up can we expect to see just for a seal of approval?

What do you think?

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Posted by admin   @   14 April 2011

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