Where is it safe to leave a car? | Hull named least safe UK city

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Hull has its fair share of accusations and problems. Repeatedly named as one of the worst cities in the UK, it is fair to wonder if they really deserve all the bad press. There must, after all, be places that are nice and beautiful within the confines of the city, surely?! Whilst this may be the case, ti is also becoming increasingly undeniable that this city is poor and riddled with crimes of all sorts. As if to compound this conclusion, Endsleigh car insurers have come to the conclusion, for the second year running, that Hull is the “riskiest place to leave a vehicle” in Britain.

Stats show that poor old Hull is once again repsonsible for the highest levels pf mtor theft across our fair isle, making it even more pertinent to campaign about locking cars and hiding valubales – or, even better, removing them from the car complately. It probably also makes sense to have some sort of alarm system installed, so that you don’t have to deal with the stress of losing a car.

If you have a nice car and are really worried about it being broken into, then the opposite place to head to is Swindon, which was named as the safest place in Britain.

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Posted by admin   @   2 February 2010

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