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We think we have it bad here in the UK, but there are many parts of the world where the bad snow and icy cold conditions are having a far worse effect. Although my hair froze on the walk home last night (yup, it was minus 12 at 10pm, and it was COLD), it seems that the snow-hardened country of Canada has been having weather that was too much even for their hardy souls!

In fact, a highway in Canada was hit so badly by the snow storms in the area that people had to be saves by  quads and snow mobiles after several metres of snow fell,m trapping cars in the snow and tipping over lorries and trucks. Luckily noone died, but if a country that is so prepared for harsh weather experiences so much drama, then perhaps our weak responses are slightly more understandable.

Thank god it isn’t that bad in the UK!

Canada Snowstorm – BBC

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Posted by admin   @   20 December 2010

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