Would you buy a car from the side of the road?

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Plenty of official and genuine car dealers will display cars on the grass verges around their dealership, or even sometimes on specially built display plinthes. However, what about the growing number of dealers that have been popping up in recent months, sellin cars on the roadsie without the dealership there to support it?

You’ve probably all seen cars for sale by the sides of the road, or positioned in the middle of roundabouts. However, now this somewhat dodgy way fo selling cars is being challenged, as Cumbria County Councils threatens to start a precident of taking action against these secondhand car dealers who are “are breaking environmental laws and trading standards regulations”.

It is probably a good job that someone is starting to make a move on this type of dealer. After all, used car salesmen are much maligned and complained about, and dealers posing as private sellers (reducing their liability) and engaging in other somewhat deceptive techniques are only likely to be compounding the problem.

Would you buy a car off someone at the side of the road like this?

Do dodgy dealings like this take business from reputable sellers?

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4 Opinions

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  • http://twitter.com/shinemyrideuk Chris Claydon

    I am afraid I would not trust anyone that sold in that way. It is one thing to park your own car up to try and sell it, but it is unethical as a business to pose as a private seller. They are proving they are only interested in getting your money, as they do not invest anything in creating the right impression

  • http://twitter.com/budgenmotors Lyndsey Eason

    I would not recommend buying in this way! Use a registered garage every time! Keep yourself and your money safe…

  • John Joseph

    Better to buy car from the car dealers or the genuine  car seller where you can get proper used cars or cheap cars for sale in a good condition.

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