Yoga Lessons | On Parking Tickets…Whatever Next?

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Traffic wardens in Massachusetts, America have begun issuing parking tickets with images of a yoga position on it, and on the reverse instructions of how to carry out certain yoga moves. The images are the work of Daniel Peltz, an artist working with the traffic department to try and calm the recipients of tickets.

Yoga Images On Parking Ticket

Yoga Images On Parking Ticket

Now is it just me who thinks this looks and sounds completely bonkers? The first thought that probably comes into the mind of a parking ticket recipient is hatred towards the issuer. However the city’s transportation chief thinks that this new initiative will help calm the recipients down, and make them believe that parking tickets are not a hostile directive, but actually a way to keep the city functioning.

I don’t dispute the requirement for parking tickets; after all they do maintain functionality in a city, and stop dangerous and irritating parking practices. But frankly, it’s already enough of a blow to see a parking ticket slapped on your windscreen – traffic authorities don’t need to add insult to injury by drawing ‘calming’ images on the envelope.

For all our sakes, I hope this initiative doesn’t make its way across the pond…

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    Why not just have one of those classic ‘have a nice day’ smiley faces? Yeah, it seems like they could do a better job of issuing a calming message.. or just not do it at all.

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